‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 6 video: JoAnna Garcia’s Ariel and Lana Parrilla’s ‘Ursula’

More -What sort of relationship are Ariel and Ursula going to have on Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time” episode? All in all, it looks like it’ll be quite a complicated one. You have a very powerful Evil Queen who has taken some sort of surprising interest in playing the part of an evil Sea Witch to a young mermaid, and then you have someone so desperate to be with Prince Eric that they have given up their fins. We imagine this one being complicated … and not ending well.

You actually don’t see Ursula at all until the very end of the sneak peek video below, where she surfaces after JoAnna Garcia’s character calls on her a few times while trying to question just what her next move should be. Given how Ursula is manipulative, it will likely be some sort of further way to pursue her own self-interests, but at the same time, Ariel has to be smart enough at some point to catch on to it.

If nothing else, we know that Ariel is alive in the present day, but she will also be met presumably as a mermaid. So basically, there is no way to ensure that Ariel’s happily ever after is going to happen given her current trajectory, and she could be another version of Tinker Bell in a character badly screwed over by Lana Parrilla’s character, and therefore someone not that willing to help. The only other way to look at this is that it’s possible that Ariel may not even know who Regina is, and she may just see her as someone who looks remotely like Ursula did in the time that they spent together.

There’s a lot of layers coming to this episode, and for now, let’s just hope that it meets the super-high expectations that some fans are starting to make for it. “Once Upon a Time” fans have been waiting for an hour like this for quite some time now as the Little Mermaid is one of the character most sought after by fans of the show.

Want to read some more news about Ariel, and her contributions to the story? If you click here, you can at least get a greater sense about it courtesy of Garcia herself.

Photo: ABC

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