‘Better Call Saul’: Dean Norris doubts you will see much of Hank on ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off

Better Call Saul season 1Is there an interest in seeing some “Breaking Bad” characters besides Saul Goodman appear on the “Better Call Saul” spin-off show? Based on some of what has been said so far by some of the series stars and also Vince Gilligan, it certainly appears to be so. However, there is one character that you can probably expect to not seen very much of at all, and that is Dean Norris’ Hank, who of course met his sad end during the shootout with Uncle Jack on the original series.

Speaking to E! News about why he would probably be missing out from a possible spin-off, Norris insists that it would really not have anything at all to do with his own personal interest in doing it; rather, it revolves more around his own belief that there is no way that he could do another show while also being contracted to do “Under the Dome”:

“It’s a prequel so they’ve talked to us about coming back. But I’m on another show, Under the Dome, so I don’t think I can do anything. I’m under contract.”

In reality, we see it as at least feasible that Norris could do both shows in the context that he could appear on “Better Call Saul” in a one-episode cameo spot, if the schedules line up and he gets permission from CBS. We don’t see any reason why this couldn’t happen, at least so long as the filming dates were not a conflict. If you want to get publicity for your own show, isn’t loaning out your actor to other projects during the off-season a great idea? There is not that much that it is going to do to hurt it. As a matter of fact, the rising stars of many actors over the years have only managed to help their shows by doing this.

For the time being, there are still a multitude of sketchy details surrounding “Better Call Saul.” There is no confirmed premiere date yet, and also not a full cast list. We will hopefully know a little more early next year, since AMC does want to at least get the ball rolling on this show in a reasonable amount of time.

Photo: AMC

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