‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: Who’s returning with a Wayne Brady connection?

Wayne Brady -Is the “How I Met Your Mother” minister problem solved? It is at least possible now. Earlier this season, we saw an episode that marked the sudden death of the original man appointed as the pastor for Barney and Robin’s wedding. They do still seemingly have a venue, but they don’t have anyone conducting the big event … until possibly now.

In a post on Twitter, both Wayne Brady and John Lithgow each confirmed that Ben Vareen is going to be appearing again on the show in the role of Sam, James’ father and one of the original possibilities to be Barney’s dad before Lithgow’s character later resurfaced on the show. As it turns out, Sam is a minister, and seems almost perfect for the role. The only other option is that they find a way to ordain one of the members of the gang to conduct the ceremony, but that would have only been legen-wait-for-it-dary if it was Barney … who cannot marry himself. Given that there is a connection between Sam and Barney, we are almost surprised that he was not asked to officiate in the first place.

Brady has appeared on the show a number of times already this season, and has even been at the center of some tension thanks to his recent divorce staining his opinion on marriage. ┬áBut in the end, he and Cobie Smulders’ character seem to at least be on the same page again, and that could mean some more fun scenes a little later this season.

In addition to all of these prominent members of Barney’s family coming back, there is also going to be more appearances from Frances Conroy. Really, the only omission from Barney’s family so far is Ashley Benson’s character of Carly, and the easy excuse to make there is that the two may not be that close. Not only that, but you can always just say that she is off doing hipster young-adult things and blows off the wedding, or at least shows up at the last minute. There are some options there.

Do you think that Sam is the right person to marry Barney and Robin? Be sure to share below! Also, click here if you have not heard the shocking news related to the spin-off idea that has been proposed.

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