‘American Horror Story: Coven’: episode 4 review: The witches council reveals Fiona’s history

Frances Conroy steals the show -We hadn’t been complete sold on “American Horror Story: Coven” until last week’s episode where Jamie Brewer’s character of Nan was finally front and center with a possible romance involving the hot neighbor boy. We have been praying to the Ryan Murphy gods that this wasn’t just a flash in the pan tease and that this story would go deeper since it is one of the more interesting plots happening this season when it comes to the young witches at the school.

Queenie’s lust: After her attempts to seduce the Minotaur went badly, Queenie is facing death, but Fiona refuses to take her to a hospital in fear that the council will show up at their door and start asking questions… which could possibly reveal that Fiona killed another witch, something that is strictly forbidden. To prove that the witches power is stronger then Marie, Fiona kills the Minatour, cuts off his head and sends it to Marie’s salon as a warning. Marie is rightfully pissed off and decides to raise an undead army to go to the witches school and destroy everyone. War is coming.

The witches council: Fiona thought she was in the clear when it came to killing Madison, but when Nan couldn’t hear her anymore she feared the worst and called the council to investigate. Nan tells them that Madison was developing powers rapidly and that Fiona knew about it. We learn that the head of the council, Myrtle Snow and Fiona have some bad history. Snow knows that Fiona was responsible for killing their supreme when they were in school together and casted the spell of truth on Spalding so that when he faced the council he has to tell the truth about what Fiona did. The night before Spalding was to testify against Fiona, he tells her that he’s always loved her and then cuts out his own tongue. 40 years later, now that Snow is part of the council, she calls on Spalding again to write down the name of the person who was responsible for cutting out his tongue and he writes down Myrtle’s name. It is also revealed by Cordelia that Madison was not the next supreme, she had health problems and therefore could not be the supreme.

Another cheating husband: What is it with TV lately and all the cheating husbands? It just seems like the go to plotline when writers don’t know what to do. So here we are with Cordelia’s husband, going on a “contract” job out of town to cheat on his wife with a woman he met online. Luckily there was a bit of a twist with this infidelity, where he decided to shoot this woman in the head the next morning. Random? Doesn’t seem like it… more like Cordelia’s husband is a monster.

With this being a Halloween episode we can’t end this review without the mention of the nice little throw back Murphy threw there in here to season one with the teenaged boy dressed as a skeleton, much like Tate Langdon was, when Zoe was manically looking for a missing Kyle. We also can’t ignore how crazy creepy (and amazing) Spalding is with his scarecrow hugging, porcelain doll tea parties and the fact that he has Madison’s dead body dressed up like a doll in this room. Cordelia getting acid thrown in her face was also horrifying, but what we love, love, loved the most about this episode was the neighbor boy coming over to bring Nan cookies. Grade: A –

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