‘New Girl’ season 3, episode 7 video: First look at Coach’s return!

More news -The moment that so many “New Girl” fans have been eagerly awaiting is now almost here: The return of Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach, the guy who was at one point poised to star on the show. We’re not going to go through the story as to why it didn’t happen for the millionth time, but let’s just say that we are beyond happy that he’s back.

The video below gives you at least a brief peek into what the writers have planned for the character, and it so far looks like a great excuse to see some more Nick and Jess tension. We know back from the pilot that Coach has no idea whatsoever as to how to deal with women, which in turn means that he is probably going to say something to Nick and Jess to stir trouble. We know already that he calls Nick “whipped,” which leads to him trying to be his own man for a while.

So what does Jess do in return? She goes and tries to sweet-talk another guy to make Nick jealous, and it just so happens that this guy is played by Taye Diggs, reminding us yet again why so many people loved him on “Private Practice.” This promo proves that Diggs can literally say anything and still have people swoon all over him.

While Taye’s appearance is probably set to be reasonably short-lived, you can expect to see Wayans stick around for at least a couple of episodes, given that there is a need for a new roommate at the loft for the time being. What we personally just love about this right now is that it marks a show acknowledging that there was a casting change after the first episode, which is mostly significant thanks to the fact that few shows choose to do this, and instead pretend like nothing ever happened. But with “New Girl,” this wasn’t a situation where Coach was dropped because the character didn’t work; he just had another job, so all parties are happy.

You can see more when it comes to this episode at the link here, and we have to say that at least for now, we are looking forward to this one more than pretty much any other.

Photo: Fox

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