‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 5, episode 7 preview: ‘Mercury’s in retrograde’ and more from Deeks

More scoop -If there was an award for the most useless promo out there for an upcoming episode of a show, the one for next week’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” would be pretty far up on the list. What does it show us about the story ahead? That is the point, as it really does not show us very much at all. Instead, what we have here is a video that talks about mercury, has a little bit of humor to it, and does not really promise that much else.

For whatever reason, this is just the way that this show in particular likes to do things: By not revealing too much beforehand. That may also be because the show is still operating under a very tight procedural format, and if they showed you that much of the story, it would not really matter, given that you were not going to understand most of it, anyway without a little more context than 30 seconds can provide.

But for a November sweeps episode, is a story about a train and a possible terrorist attack going to be enough for you? These are two of the elements that you will see next week, and we’re sure that this will be enough to satisfy some. However, there are sure to be some others out there who almost simultaneously wish that there would be a little more of a character-based teaser put out there to get fans excited. We know that there is some exciting stuff coming specifically for Deeks and Kensi, but this may be best defined as a slow burn that takes place over the course of the rest of the fall and some of the spring. It may not even come to a close until right before the actress heads out on maternity leave.

Do you think that this promo in particular is enough to get you excited about the future of “NCIS: Los Angeles”? Be sure to share below! In speaking of humor (which we mentioned earlier), be sure to click here if you want to check out some scoop on a particularly funny story that is going to be coming Deeks’ way pretty soon.

Photo: CBS

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