‘The Biggest Loser’ season 15, episode 3 review: Was Jillian Michaels team in jeopardy again?

Jillian MichaelsSo far this season of “The Biggest Loser” season 15 has brought us a lot of twists and turns, including the new “trainers save”. Jillian Michaels has already used her save on Craig Arrington the first week, but still managed to lose a team member last week. Is Jillian’s team going to be in trouble again tonight?

Matt Hooper: He was supposed to be getting married this weekend, but postponed that to come on the show and is feeling an enormous amount of pressure to stay in the competition for as long as possible since now their wedding isn’t going to happen until next year. As much as Bob encourages him, he’s not going to feel right if he leaves early.

Tanya Winfield: She had a tough weigh in last week only losing 4 pounds and Dolvett is worried that something is stopping her from pushing herself as she struggled in the gym again this week. She reveals that because of her weight, her baby was born over weight as well and she wants to change that so the cycle will end. She also reveals that her mother abused her and her family never helped…  she is still holding onto the anger. Dolvett tells her to write 2 letters, one to her mother and one to her family so that she can get her feelings out there and find a way to forgive.

Craig Arrington: More father news outside or Hal becoming a father again, Craig found out tonight that he is going to be having a baby girl with his wife.

Biggest Loser auction: Each team has 500 BL bucks to bid on certain gym equipment that they will use for the week. The Blue team gets the weights, rowing machine, and jump ropes, the Red team gets the boxing equipment, and medicine balls, while the White team gets the tread mill and a mystery box filled with sugar and flour (wah wah) and a trade voucher… this voucher allows them to trade the baking equipment for anything they want and they take the boxing equipment from the red team.

The weigh in: Did losing the use of any piece of gym equipment they want hurts the contestants this week? The Blue team pulled out some pretty small numbers, and the Red team had the same struggle. The White team finally had a win and Jillian’s team was safe for the first time in the competition, but the Red team fell short after Tanya’s weigh in showed that she lost zero pounds. Dolvett used his trainer’s save on Tanya and no one was eliminated this week.

This was a very emotional episode in between hearing Tanya’s heartbreaking story about what happened with her mother, Matt missing his wedding to be on the show and seeing just how hard everyone worked out and how little weight everyone lost. Grade: B

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