‘True Detective’ trailer: Matthew McConaughey teases something ‘deep and dark’ in new video

HBO logoOn January 12, HBO is going to be looking to answer two questions: Is there room for another cop show, and is there room for another show set in Louisiana with “true” in the title? Luckily, “True Detective” could not be any more different than “True Blood” when it comes to its content. This is a dark, brooding show all about what it means to be an officer, and what corruption and despair can really look like. Add to that Matthew McConaughey (who is thankfully now deciding taking on more interesting roles), and you get a series that is our must-watch new program.

The first thing that we find interesting about this trailer is that rather than stamping on it “limited series,” the network uses “dramatic series.” Doesn’t that have to be a sign of something more to come? We mostly see this as HBO leaving their options open so that if this is a hit, they will order more.

We see why McConaughey would want to take on this job now, even as he is being offered more interesting movie jobs; as a father, it gives him a little more stability and time to spend with his family. As for HBO, we imagine that just putting up numbers similar to “Luck” two years ago could be enough for a renewal. The biggest obstacle they are facing here is making people realize that there may not be anything bad with another cop show, even if there are a million of them on TV right now. You just don’t hear TV fans running around proclaiming to all who will listen that they desperately want to see more police dramas on TV; the performers are going to be what sells the show in this case.

We’ll be covering this series early next year, so hopefully we can be one of the first people to tell you whether or not this is something to put on your DVRs or stream on HBO GO.

You can see another trailer for this new project here, and it may give you a little bit of a better indication as to who some of the characters really are.

Photo: HBO

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