‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 8 preview: Watching Jimmy Smits in ‘Los Fantasmas’

Nero -Remember just one week ago, before “Sons of Anarchy” aired the episode “Sweet and Vaded”? That really was the calm before a pretty nasty storm, given that by the end of the episode, we had Gemma joining Nero behind bars courtesy of a seemingly-successful stunt pulled by Tara.

But, as you traditionally know when it comes to this show, the story is not over yet. In our final teaser article for “Los Fantasmas,” the first thing that we can caution you to expect is a showdown between Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff’s characters … even if they are not on screen together at the same time. Gemma is going to start to suspect that the pregnancy is fake, but the question that we will be led to ponder is pretty simple: How in the world is she going to be able to prove anything? While knowledge is great, you have to be able to then prove that knowledge to be true.

Speaking of acting on knowledge, we also anticipate “Los Fantasmas” being a huge hour for Jimmy Smits as we start to have an answer to an all-important question: Are we actually going to see Nero rat out SAMCRO? He is going to have an opportunity to do so behind bars, and this is the ultimate test of his allegiance to not just the club, but also to Gemma. He could be swayed potentially by her current situation with Tara, but the trouble that goes along with that is whether or not he will be allowed to know that in the time that he needs in order to make a choice.

Regardless of whether or not there is a character death in the end, expect this to be an episode that will have you talking and likely out of breath by the end. You may think that season 6 has been insane so far, but judging from how much time is left, there are still plenty of chances for Kurt Sutter’s promise of this being the most violent season ever to come to fruition even more than it already has.

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Photo: FX

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