That ‘Entourage’ movie that you may or may not have wanted… it’s happening

Entourage -Remember all of the talk about the idea of an “Entourage” movie? Early this year, we first heard that it was most likely going to happen, since the studios were pretty intent on getting Vincent Chase, Ari Gold, and the rest of the gang together for one final go … but this time on the big screen, similar to the way in which “Sex and the City” become a big-screen phenomenon for at least the first movie.

But, there were all sorts of bumps in the road along the way, with the biggest one being salary negotiations with the entire cast for them to appear. Sure, you can call the group greedy if you want, but let’s be honest: If you are going to revive some of these iconic characters from the dead, they better be paid handsomely for it. They were smart to know that without E, Turtle, Vincent Chase, Johnny Drama, or Ari Gold then there really is no “Entourage.”

Well, it now appears as though everything has been finally settled, given that show creator Doug Elin has just announced on Twitter that the movie is finally a “go,” and previous reports suggest that it will start shooting in January. So longtime fans, get ready to celebrate!

When it comes to whether or not an “Entourage” movie would translate, there is no doubt in our mind that it would. HBO is basically the closest thing on TV to the big screen experience, and they would just need to make a story that is book-ended. Our major concern here is that we personally found “Entourage” to be not entirely exciting following season 2; but to be fair, we thought season 2 was one of the best seasons of any comedy show out there. (We just couldn’t recover after that brief appearance from Dom during season 3.)

But this is almost sure to be an enormous hit at the box office for those who have demanded the movie, and are not yet tired of the characters. We’re still skeptical that it is something that needed a revival, but we’ll give it a chance and see what the gang has to offer.

Photo: HBO

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