‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 8 preview: Will Cristin Milioti, the Mother return next week?

Cristin Milioti -The past few weeks of “How I Met Your Mother” have had their fair share of funny moments, but we know that there has also been a large amount of frustration to go along with them (at least for the time being). Take, for example, that it feels like important plots barely happen in a few of the episodes, and you occasionally get that feeling you sometimes get when you think someone is really cool, only to then have to spend every second of the day with them and realize they aren’t what they seem.

But, at least one of the biggest problems throughout season 9 is going to be addressed pretty quickly on next week’s episode “The Lighthouse”: Whether or not you are going to be seeing more of Cristin Milioti as the Mother. The promo below teases that the character is going to make a much-needed return for the first time since the two-episode premiere, which means that the story of Ted’s future can finally move forward.

While there is no guarantee that she is going to meet any of the other members of Ted’s gang soon, we would personally love it if she was to spend some time next with someone random like Barney, even if he would probably take a glorious amount of frustration in knowing that most of the gang met her before he did. That is almost why we want to root for Robin to meet her first, largely so that the “Robin hurdle” can be cleared early, and maybe it would make things easier on Ted if the two ladies were to get along. (It would certainly ease the tension if she were to ever find out that Ted was at one point contemplating trying to ruin the wedding thanks to his feelings for her.)

This is the November sweeps coming up, so what we have to say for the time being is simple: Expect reasons to laugh and to be excited. There will be some big movement in all of the major stories before the holiday hiatus.

Click here if you want to read our full review of tonight’s “No Questions Asked,” and we will have more soon. (There: We made it the whole article without mentioning the “egg fight” in the promo below … until now.)

Photo: CBS

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