‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 5 review: ‘The Yoga Play,’ and life without Damian Lewis

The latest -When “Homeland” started off “The Yoga Play” tonight, the hope obviously was for it to be a classic episode that rebounded from last week’s bad magic trick that was the reveal that Carrie and Saul were working together the whole time. So what did we have? A very good but not great episode that was a course correction, and really the sort of episode that we should have been in the first place.

There were really three major moments that occurred during this episode that we are worth noting, and are all mostly well done:

1. Saul not getting his due – After all he has been through when it comes to trying to run the CIA on his own, it was quickly taken out from under him. Instead, the job was handed to Senator Andrew Lockhart, who is probably the last person that Saul wants to see in charge. Now there is almost a sort of ticking clock hanging over what him, as he has two weeks to try to get done what he wants to before having to hand over some valuable information to the new person in charge.

2. Dana’s return home – We all knew that this was coming: Dana returning home after realizing that Leo was just as much of a liar as her dad or anyone else out there in her world. So what is the importance of this story? We interpret it as more of a sign that she now realizes the dangers of the world perhaps more than she did before, and she may be more keen to stay closer to her family than ever before.

3. Carrie’s capture – The brilliance of this episode comes in how you choose to interpret this story tonight. Was our resident CIA agent completely found out about her “yoga play,” which was mostly her attempt to look into Dana for Jessica? (This move was surprising in itself.) We think so, but it almost doesn’t matter what the other side knows about her. What is most important is that they have her, and this is where Carrie can work her magic.

Perhaps the most amazing thing, though, is that we have only seen Damian Lewis once in these first five episodes, and this really felt like one where we did not even miss him. There was a fascinating story to be told, and also one that was gripping and mostly made sense. Do we still get the impression occasionally that the bad guys are dumb? Sure, but “Homeland” is probably unfairly looked at more harshly than almost any other show on TV. This is a great start back to what the show should be, so here is a toast to new beginnings. Grade: B+.

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