‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 3 review: Tyreese wants justice for Karen, Rick finds the culprit

Tyreese“The Walking Dead” season 4 has started out strong bringing us a new threat outside of the walkers and the Governor (even though those are both still threats to everyone at the prison) and that’s an infection that is running rampant and turning humans into walkers without being bit. Back in season 1 Rick was told the secret that everyone was already infected and now it seems that the symptoms of that are coming to the surface. So will anyone else turn from the infection on tonight’s new episode? Let’s take a look.

Tyreese wants justice: After seeing Karen and Dave burned to death Rick, Carol and Daryl try to calm him down, but he ends up punching Rick and the two get into a fist fight. Tyreese buries Karen and David, Rick apologizes to him, and he tells Rick that while he’s off playing helper that he’s going to find out who committed these murders. Tonight’s episode really brought Tyreese into a different light for us as someone who is not only a very scary man, but someone who deeply cares about others.

Medicine run: Daryl wants Tyreese to come with him and Michonne on a run to get medicine for the infected and even though he wants to stay and guard the sick in case the murderer strikes again he decides to go with them. While driving, they hear a voice on the radio, but can’t make out what they are saying.

Infection paranoia spreads: The council meets (Glenn, Daryl, Carol and Herschel, Michonne) and plan to find more antibiotics… is this really going to help? They want to separate the most vulnerable from the infected (the children and the elderly), Carl’s not pleased to be in lock up and Rick tells him to keep a look out for everyone. When Carl sees Herschel trying to go off into the woods to get some herbs that are a natural flu remedy, he decides to go with him against Rick’s wishes. After getting the herbs Herschel goes into quarantine to help the infected even though he’s a higher risk then most to get sick. When the doctor coughs blood in his face, he knows it’s all over, but with Sasha and Glenn being infected, there’s no way he’s going to leave his son in there if he can help in some way.

Rick the cop: We haven’t seen Rick the cop in a long time, but after the murder of Karen and Dave he is on the case, trying to figure out who did it. After finding more evidence, he realizes that the person who killed Dave and Karen was Carol and when he confronts her, she has no problem admitting it to him.

This episode was very emotional and we have to admit that we are a little depressed after watching it. In seasons past it have been a lot of struggles for our group of survivors, but there have been moments of hope. This season so far has been completely heartbreaking and while this seems like the most realistic of scenarios, it would be nice to have a moment of hope. Grade: B

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