‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 5 review: Colin O’Donoghue shines; Hook, Emma kiss

Take a look -Usually, we would not be so bold as to title a “Once Upon a Time” episode review with something as audacious as talking about a kiss; but, the show for whatever reason decided to spoil this kiss between Emma and Hook in just about every way imaginable before this episode even aired. Therefore, it is impossible for us to feel even remotely guilty for talking about it now in such a public venue.

This episode had so many instances of the word brother being thrown about that you would have thought that Captain Hook’s sibling was secretly Desmond Hume from “Lost”, but the story of “Good Form” was really all about how the death of someone close to this man turned him into the famed pirate that he was upon his first arrival of the show. What we also learned is that at least for a week, Hook can really be a pirate. This was Colin O’Donoghue’s finest performance on the show to date, as we learned to care a little more about a man who was far deeper than he first seemed. While he may want Emma and to survive more so than anything else, he is not willing to do so at the expense of making everyone else miserable.

But what this show did brilliant was gave the “Captain Swan” fans their little victory in the form of a kiss (which came after Charming informed the others about the pirate saving his life), but then also set up a structure to separate the two again. Peter Pan made it clear that Neal was actually on the island already, and Hook had a choice: He could continue to try and take advantage of Emma being clueless about the father of her child being alive, or tell her the truth and hope that their blossoming romance continues regardless.

With all of this now said, there really wasn’t much else that happened. It was almost like we had half of a story, since the stuff about Emma, Snow, and Regina is the same that we’ve seen a million times already. Therefore, it’s hard to give this episode an A just because half of the story was great, and the other half was barely passable. Also, why didn’t we get any Tinker Bell this week? Did she just flutter off somewhere? Grade: B-.

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