‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: It’s a bad time to be Aras, Vytas Baskauskas

He's back -Every season of “Survivor,” there is at least one contestant that manages to be screwed over by the “twist” that is introduced prior to the start of the season. On “Blood vs. Water,” there is actually two contestants that are going to be screwed sooner rather than later: Aras and Vytas Baskauskas. It’s not really a question of one of them going home at this point; it is more an issue of when it’s going to happen.

As a matter of fact, you almost get a sense that there is almost an unwritten rule between the two tribes in the preview video below from Wednesday night that a Baskauskas brother has to go either way. As a matter of fact, Laura Boneham actually goes up to Vytas and says to him that he is the next person to go … which is probably a stupid move. That to us almost suggests that neither one of them is going to go this week, and that they will find a way to at least survive the next tribal council.

If these two guys manage to make it deep into the game, that may be the biggest testament to their gameplay that you can give. Heck, we’ll be prepared to hand Aras the “best player ever” title if he manages to actually make it to the end of this season and win. Just think for a minute about all of the adversity that he has gone through just to make it this far, let alone what he would go through if his brother stays in the game with him. Do you think Sandra Diaz-Twine ever had that sort of target on her back?

But let’s be real for a minute: Given the edit that we have been presented with on the show right now, it doesn’t quite feel like we are going to be seeing the brothers around for that much longer. Even if they both survive this week, one of them will probably be eliminated right away when the merge happens. If there was no such twist and only one of them was playing, it could be a different situation, but with the target so enormous right now, it’s possible that one could just follow the other out the door, since nobody wants to deal with having that big of a threat still in the game. (We’d vote for Vytas especially to win at this point, just based on how he has managed to survive almost every tribal council.)

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Photo: CBS

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