‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple talk potential spin-off ideas

The Walking Dead -So what other worlds could there be in the “Walking Dead” universe worth exploring? Robert Kirkman and AMC are starting to ponder some ideas for a possible spin-off series, and just what that world could look like. There’s a lot of different options to explore, whether you are talking about a school or a cavern or even somewhere in the north where you are having to battle cold weather and also walkers who are quite fazed by the low temperatures on the same level that you are (although then we are moving into “Game of Thrones”/White Walker territory).

This is all a creative paradise for Robert Kirkman, who is really getting the opportunity for the first time in decades to come up with a world that is separate from the original series, but still exciting at the same time. For more on that, just take a look at what he had to say to The Hollywood Reporter on his early thought process:

“I’ve never really shown another part of the world in the comic books. There have been mentions in the show like, ‘They’re doing this from France,’ but they’ve never shown it. So the idea of seeing another part of The Walking Dead universe and exploring that is very exciting to me. It’s going to be remarkable just how different things can be just by going to a different location. The thing that really excites me most about the spinoff is that I feel like I’m in competition with my 24-year-old self and have to top myself. That’s a fun challenge for me.”

Meanwhile, the series’ current showrunner in Scott Gimple was willing to ponder a little bit himself, though he was unsure if he would have any part to play in it given the rigors of his current schedule:

“Everyone is asking me if I’ll be involved and I don’t know. The Walking Dead is a 16-hour-a-day job so I’m not banging down their door because I still have stuff to do here. I think the Telltale game actually kicked open the door a little bit for a companion series. We saw special appearances of other characters: Clementine was a super cool story. I’d start with Lee and Clementine, then I’d look for a cool place to set it. We’d do it on an island in the South Pacific. I have no idea what I’d have to do with it, but I’m excited to see it because now I get to watch The Walking Dead and be surprised.”

While we still do personally have concerns about AMC stretching their property too thin, at the same time it is pretty hard to dispute that the idea could be very successful if it’s different enough. There is also another interesting creative benefit here in that we’re not so bound by characters that we already know. Gimple’s idea is a good one; start with a character that may be familiar, and then surround them with interesting new faces, and a setting that is unique. The logistical challenge comes in that unless you want a completely different team working on it, you would have to move away from Atlanta.

What do you want to see in a potential “Walking Dead” spin-off? Sound off in the comment box below! Meanwhile, click here if you’re interested in checking out a preview for the new episode airing on AMC tonight.

Photo: AMC

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