ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 6 preview: Nathan Fillion – Stana Katic scene about Alexis, Pi

Castle and Beckett -Just how upset is Richard Castle going to be about the Alexis situation? Apparently, he will be so frustrated that he feels the need to complain constantly and even demand a case to take his mind off of the fact that not only is she living with her new boyfriend Pi, but the two almost seem to be flourishing in the process.

In the sneak peek below from Monday’s “Castle” episode “Get a Clue” (first posted by TVLine), Nathan Fillion’s character spends a good bit of time complaining to Beckett (Stana Katic) all about how he actually wanted her new living situation to be somewhat miserable, that way she would better realize just what a “mistake” that she is making in deciding to move in with this guy. Then, the clear assumption is that she will want to move back in and enjoy what is by most intensive purposes a little bit of an easier life.

But the moment that Castle complains that he needs a new case to ease his mind, it is almost like the murder mystery gods start to smile down on him and they deliver. Specifically, the case that he and Beckett are handed is one about a woman who died with some sort of mysterious markings and symbols all over her like straight out of a Dan Brown novel. There are two quick and easy theories as to what is going on here:

1. This is some sort of ritualistic killing done by a total nutjob desperate for attention or to make a statement.

2. This was designed to look like some sort of ritualistic killing in an effort to distract potential crime-solvers from figuring out the truth.

Either way, the result of this is going to be something pretty fun to watch. As for the Alexis situation, we should have some sort of resolution to the story soon enough. We can’t see the writers getting rid of Molly Quinn, and we actually don’t have as great of a problem with the Pi character if he just cuts the “Mr. C” nonsense. This is just all part of the character being young, and there are some mistakes that will be made.

Want to see more from this “Castle” episode? Then just click here, which is where you can see another video sneak peek.

Photo: ABC

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