‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: Michelle Dockery on Mary’s personality, Edith, and more

Take a look -Is “Downton Abbey” season 4 a banner year for Lady Mary Crawley? If nothing else, it is at least a year of great transition for her. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for those not watching this season!) The season started with her in a place of deep grief and despair over the tragic passing of Matthew, and that was something that she had to slowly and surely get over. She eventually moved on to the extent that she has learned how to be more active in the estate, even though there is another part of her that is a work in progress in how she attempts to figure out if she can ever love again.

One thing that Michelle Dockery has seemingly enjoyed playing this season in particular is a side of Mary that is once again detached, as we saw from her in the early days of the series. Just take a look at her full quote via STV:

“Like every series, Downton is very much an ensemble, there is so much going on, so many different storylines interweaving with one another. It’s certainly a new chapter for Mary. There’s part of her that reverts back to being the way she was in series one, that kind of cold person with a bit of a sting her in tail, which I’ve enjoyed.”

Dockery also spoke to the outlet about some of the familial relationships that Mary has, including with new arrival Lady Rose (who has quite a few tricks up her sleeve in tonight’s episode in particular):

“I think with Edith they’ve certainly matured, both of them have grown up as each series has gone on, so they’re not quite as immature with each other, quite as catty. But there’s still that tension between them, which Laura [Carmichael] and I really enjoy playing.

“With Rose, Mary slightly adopts the older sister role, similar to the way she was with [late sister] Sybil. She certainly looks out for Rose and doesn’t want her to make mistakes.”

By the end of this series, the one thing that we really hope to see from Mary is a sense of closure when it comes to her past, and a path that is a little clearer for her future. Since we do not get the indication that this is meant to be the last season of the series, next year could be all about that road to a new happy ending (and also the moment where the series drops the curtain).

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Photo: ITV

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