‘House of Cards’ season 3 renewal in discussions prior to season 2 premiere

The latest -Even though “House of Cards” season 2 is still in production, and there is not even a premiere date for it yet, the folks over at Netflix are still doing what they can to plan ahead and figure out what they want to see happen when it comes to the future of one of their most-beloved series.

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos said this weekend that there are already discussions going on about ordering a third season of the show, and that the plan here was never to have it so that season 2 was the end. (That was just the original commitment that they were willing to make.) At the moment, we really cannot think of a single reason why the company would not want to renew the show… just take a look at all of the benefits that it has brought them so far:

1. Awards show consideration – Was anyone really talking about Netflix as a carrier of original programming before this? We’re not trying to slam any of their other series, but this is the first show to really get support in major award categories.

2. Increased subscriptions – This turned Netflix from a supplemental product to something you needed to own.

3. Branding – You cannot forget about the potential for future great series that can be launched thanks to the success of this one.

We know that there are also significant hurdles to overcome with a show like this, with cost being one of the biggest ones. Netflix still does not make any sort of viewership measure public, so it is hard to gauge from the outside as to whether or not this is a hit or profitable for them; then again, this may be hard for them to figure out as well, given that not every subscriber may have joined just to watch this one show.

We still admit that we prefer the once-a-week model to giving us an entire season of a show at once, especially when this creates more of an avenue to talk about the show weekly with your friends and builds anticipation, but we appreciate the place that “House of Cards” now holds in the TV marketplace; it’s there if people want it, and it is not taking away from anything else currently airing on television proper.

Photo: Netflix

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