‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3, episode 4 preview: See Rachel Bilson, Wilson Bethel, and Halloween fun

Take a look -Monday’s new “Hart of Dixie” episode is entitled “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” but are Zoe and Wade going to be helping one another in any way? It doesn’t quite feel like it at the moment. Instead, what we really see personally from some of the photos here is that Zoe and Joel are going to still be the flavor of the season, Wade is going to be doing his thing sporting a very dapper suit, and Lavon is going to be very upset about something.

The first thing that we are upset about here is that for whatever reason, Lavon is violating the Cool Code by showing up dressed as some sort of ordinary dude to a party. Doesn’t he realize that this is a major Halloween foul? If not someone really should be telling him!

More -As for Wade, what we are mostly upset about is just that we don’t really have that much of an idea what is supposed to be going on with the guy at the moment. To an extent, we get it that he’s single now and done helping Lemon with her little “relationship” charade, but given that he has a reputation (and also knows how to apparently pick out a good suit), we can’t imagine it taking him too long to bounce back and figure out what else he wants to do with his time in BlueBell on this particular lavish night of Halloween-themed entertainment.

Lemon -Finally, we turn to Lemon, who is doing a good job of not acting upset about the whole Belles situation. This photo is almost a perfect example of what the producers are doing in order to mask Jaime King’s pregnancy from viewers: Camera tricks. Given that she is now on maternity leave, expect to see more of everyone else, including Rachel Bilson and Wilson Bethel, as the show looks to find some creative ways to make up for Lemon’s lost air time. It’s possible that she will be back later this season, and we’ll have more on that soon enough.

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Photo: The CW

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