NBC’s ‘The Voice’ preview: Amber Nicole, Josh Logan face off in Knockout Rounds

The latest -Are the Knockout Rounds going to blow the Battles straight out of the water on “The Voice” this week? Personally, we think that it’s not even close. Not only is the focus more on actual performing rather than just the process of getting on the stage, but we get a real opportunity to see some of the contestants’ own originality. It also helps that NBC and the producers have a deep enough songbook so that it doesn’t just feel like we are hearing the same songs over and over again.

Take, for example, Amber Nicole taking on “Mama Knows Best” in the preview video below, a song that has not been completely and totally overdone on the show so far. “Living in the City” from Josh Logan, meanwhile, is a little more familiar, but not necessarily his funky rendition of the song (and we mean that in a very good way).

Finally, we have two people together who don’t have any business singing together and in pairing up for this stage these are two people who really don’t have a lot in common vocally, this is very much and apples-to-oranges situation. Luckily all of the coaches do have a steal now, which does mean that it is theoretically possible for the first time ever for someone to be entering the competition working with their third coach. That hasn’t happened before on the show, and we’re kind of pulling for it even though it would probably stress out whoever it happened to.

Right now, we would probably pick Amber as the singer Christina Aguilera should take through to the next round, and we are basing it largely on a little thing known as potential. If she can already sound this good at age 17, there is almost no doubting that she can be something phenomenal as we get close to the finale, let alone years down the road if she is an active part of this industry.

What do you think about this performance, and is there any way that you can pick a winner between these two? Be sure to share who you want to see advance below! Meanwhile, click here if you’ve got a craving to see some other highlights and such.

Photo: NBC

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