‘The X Factor’ USA rankings: Rion Paige, Khaya Cohen, and more from Demi Lovato’s team

The latest -With “The X Factor” USA finally getting itself going with live shows starting Tuesday, we have arrived now to what we like to consider an all-important part of the process: Trying to figure out just where everybody stands with our rankings. Since the acts are facing off against the others in their own groups this week (pending some change in format), we’re going to a category a day leading to the show’s early return.

Today, the focus is on Demi Lovato and her group of Girls, which is pretty strong this week. However, we don’t really think that except for maybe Restless Road, there is a favorite going into the live rounds. That’s what makes trying to figure this out now all the more difficult. We’re basing this on not just performance quality, but also edit and the amount of time that we have gotten to know each of them.

4. Danie – Out of the group here, she has her work cut out for her. For one, she’s going with that whole one-name thing like Drew in season one, and that’s a little risky when your name has a silent “e” and it sounds therefore like everyone else. She also hasn’t received that kind of an edit, and that could mean trouble.

3. Khaya Cohen – Actually our favorite out of the ladies that are in this group, at least when it comes to the performance that we heard at the four-chair challenge (if you can even remember if, given how long ago that feels like at this point). Her biggest problem is going to just be getting people to remember her personality or at least something outside of her vocals.

2. Ellona Santiago – She’s got an advantage given that some longtime fans of inTENsity from season 1 are going to remember who she is. (We still don’t understand why her or Arin Ray, for that matter, were allowed to come back because their earlier experiment didn’t quite work out.) The only thing that concerns us is that she may actually be a little too similar to Jessica Sanchez on “American Idol.” She both looks and sounds like her.

1. Rion Paige – Rion right now has everything going for her. She’s country, and we know that this genre in particular has an enormous support base. She’s also a very good singer, and has a story that people are going to connect with. To us, all of this is going to be at least a one-way ticket to a top 7. The rest of her success will depend on just how she does moving forward in the live shows.

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