‘Justified’ season 5 spoilers: Walton Goggins on early surprise for Boyd Crowder

Boyd Crowder -Over the past few weeks, we have spent some time talking about a memorable appearance by Walton Goggins as Venus Van Dam on “Sons of Anarchy,” but now that his arc over there seems to be over, at least for the time being, let’s turn instead to another issue: His full-time job on “Justified.” What in the world is coming up for Boyd Crowder? Last we saw him, he was in a pretty vulnerable position as Ava was arrested, and the stable life that he had imagined for the two of them was instantly in shambles.

For season 5, we imagine that much of the story for Boyd is going to be trying at whatever cost to get Ava out of jail, and this is a man who has already proven to be both dangerous and reckless, especially when it is something he is passionate about. So when Goggins tells TVLine that his character does something very early on during season 5 that surprises even him, that has to make your hair stand on end for at least a moment or two. Just take a look at the full quote below:

“I’ll say this: I filmed a scene [for the season premiere] until almost 1 a.m. that has permanently altered the way that I see Boyd Crowder. I’m as excited about it and scared by it as I’ve ever been, as an actor. But it’s done and that’s what it is. Boyd will have to deal with that emotion.”

Goggins adds that he does not feel like Boyd has ever felt as “cornered” as he will early on this season, and that sort of heightened feeling could create even more problems for him. This is a man, after all, that is not always the poster child for stability, so it’s not hard to imagine just what sort of trouble he could get into when he really feels like he has nothing to lose.

There is no firm premiere date just yet for “Justified” season 5, but most early indications to us suggest that the show will probably be back on the air early next year (as per usual). What we know about the story for now is that it will feature a new Big Bad-like character in the owner of a “gator farm” (which is really something far worse), and Raylan is going to be spending a good bit of his time trying to take this on.

Photo: FX

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