‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: Longtime star Adina Porter finally gets series regular promotion

What's up ahead? -For the final season of “True Blood,” Adina Porter is going to get a little bit of extra love … at least in the form of a promotion. While this is no guarantee that she will appear in every episode (just ask Chris Meloni about that), it does at least guarantee that Tara’s mother Lettie Mae Thornton is going to have a little bit of a larger role than she has before on the show.

We see this, at least for Tara, as possibly good news that she could finally have someone on her side. Rutina Wesley’s character has been among the more tortured since the very beginning of the show and while she may be a friend to Sookie Stackhouse and also a possible love interest to Pam, neither of these ladies have ever really made her into a top priority. She’s always been secondary unless her life is really on the line. Hopefully, having her mother around is going to change that game up in a certain capacity.

In a recent article, we wrote that Tara was one of the characters on the show most deserving of a happy ending, and her relationship with her mother is one of the major reasons why. After everything that she has gone through, the only ending that does make a little bit of sense is one that allows her an opportunity to experience some peace and love, and for her to have a future that is not riddled with vampires and constantly feeling like she is about to die. We don’t think Tara would be killed off, mostly because they’ve already done that with her once. If you are going to have death knocking on someone’s door, have it be someone who has not gone through this experience already.

“True Blood” season 7 will start filming its final 10 episodes either at the end of this year or in early 2014, as shooting dates are not revealed to the public (likely in fear of having to deal with throngs of fans trying to hunt them down). What do you think about this promotion, and do you think that “True Blood” is setting itself up for a pretty epic ending? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below.

Photo: HBO

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