‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Debating meaning of ‘The New Neverland’

What's next? -We have the latest episode title here for “Once Upon a Time” season 3, and it certainly helps to beg the following all-important question: What in the world is being talked about here?

Let’s start here with what appear to be the facts: In a new post on Twitter, executive producer Adam Horowitz confirmed that the title for the upcoming tenth episode of the season will be “The New Neverland.” Before we say anything else, let’s at least take a moment here to talk about the timing of this. Episode 10 would be the second-to-last one before the show goes on hiatus until later in the spring, which would in turn mean that we could be nearing the end of this storyline. Given that Storybrooke is still a major part of this show, it is hard to imagine them staying in this world forever. So if they were to convert Neverland into some sort of new magical kingdom before they left, wouldn’t that be ideal? Granted, the problem in doing so here is that they have Peter Pan to think about, and he has already established himself as not the easy foe to defeat.

The only thing that our current Neverland team has going for them is that there is some strength in numbers: They have already brought in Tinker Bell to the cause with the promise of taking her back to Storybrooke is she helps them, and Neal is also now on the island after portaling himself over from the Modern Fairytale World. There is at least one more potential ally that we are going to meet in Ariel, but her first appearance on the show will be a week from Sunday, in what is an episode that is going to have “Little Mermaid” fanatics flocking to the show. There hasn’t really been a character demanded more than her, and there is quite a bit of pressure therefore to do her justice.

But let’s turn this debate over to you for the time being: What do you think not just of this title, but of the possible meaning behind it? Share all of your thoughts and theories in the comment box below, and click here if you want to catch a sneak peek from Sunday night’s new “Once Upon a Time” episode.

Photo: ABC

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