‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 5 video: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder’s ‘dance’

Monster's Ball -What is Elena Gilbert upset about now? No matter how hard she may try, Nina Dobrev’s character on “The Vampire Diaries” just continually gets herself all wrapped up in almost any and all drama when it comes to death … even with someone that she barely knows like her former roommate.

In the video preview below from Thursday’s new episode, you can see her actually shun Damon during what should have been a romantic dance for the two of them (one that seems to include some sort of bizarre King Henry VIII role-play). Rather than really give in to the occasion, she admits that she is still feeling the weight of Bonnie’s death (which she just found out about), and she is absolutely refusing to let Megan go without there at least being some sort of attempt at justice being served.

The tension between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s characters moving forward actually seems to be based more on something that almost any couple would go through, and not just some sort of fighting over supernatural powers or other craziness. She is becoming preoccupied about other things, and in turn, she is starting to pull a little bit away from him. For Damon, we imagine that this has to be a pretty horrible position to be in; he’s still trying to figure out this whole “relationship” thing, and now suddenly, he is put into a situation where he forced to figure out how to solve a problem that even the most experienced of Lotharios occasionally struggles with. We ultimately have two words for Mr. Salvatore: Good luck.

The one thing that may help to distract Damon is that he has Stefan roaming around out there, who apparently was too busy trying to figure out who he actually is to show up for the funeral of Bonnie. We were pretty annoyed about this story at first, given that it was basically Eric Northman on “True Blood” all over again, but we’re warming up to the idea since it’s being done very differently in terms of execution. (Stefan’s not some sort of simpleton hooking up with the main character.)

We’ve got another preview for next week’s episode here, and it should give you a sense that we are in for some absolute insanity.

Photo: The CW

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