‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: What will come next for Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz?

What's ahead -When it comes to the ninth season of “Bones,” we are left with quite a bit of uncertainty. Why? We know now that Booth and Brennan are already married, and we also happen to know that they are going on a honeymoon and that Brennan is going to have a post-nuptial bachelorette party. There will be mysteries, but what will the story be like for the characters after all of the wedding hype slowly starts to die down?

Speaking to TVLine, show creator Hart Hanson explains that there is going to be at least one story coming up all about the subject of whether or not they live too dangerous lives for their child, and they need to at least discuss whether or not there is going to be some sort of change in their career at some point:

“Like any parent whose job puts them in danger, they will have to balance whether they want to continue with that kind of job. Is it fair to the child or children to be in gun battles and stuff? We have to start talking about that as a story generator.”

While the two are going to have conversations about it, we almost have to put this in pretty uncomfortable terms: The only way that there will ever be any sort of substantial change in this department for the characters is if there is an event that really forces them to examine this. Take, for example, Booth getting shot or Brennan being threatened. Otherwise, wouldn’t they have already had this conversation? While they may be newlyweds, they have had Christine for over a season now, and they will discuss whether or not they want some more kids in the future.

What do you think about this idea for a story, and do you think that there is any one particular event that could spark this sort of conversation on job safety? Be sure to share below! There may not be a new episode of “Bones” airing on Monday, but if you click here, you can find out who is the latest addition to the cast.

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