‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 8 spoilers: The Byz Lats and Charlie Hunnam’s Jax

The latest -What brings the Byz Lats into the picture on “Los Fantasmas,” the “Sons of Anarchy” episode airing a week from Tuesday? If we were going to go on the name of the episode alone, we could say that the title being in Spanish is some sort of clue that they are going to play a huge role, however don’t assume that, since you would also then assume that his episodes using French titles were about some sort of secret, underground group of French people in a turf war with SAMCRO.

The reason that the Byz Lats are presented and accounted for is for the same reason that they have been ever since Nero first surfaced: They have an importance to the story in a huge way. They are tied to the shooting in a way as substantial as Jax Teller’s MC is. So to see the photo of Charlie Hunnam’s character seemingly have some sort of intense confrontation with Fiasco isn’t a shocker given the strong emotions that these two characters have towards all that has happened, there is a a high probability of there being tension.

Then again, let’s ask the following question: Shouldn’t Fiasco really just be grateful for Jax at this point? After all, remember that this is a guy who had Lee Toric torment him earlier in the year, and were it not for Clay and Otto, Toric would probably still be alive and making his life absolutely miserable.

The question for now behind “Los Fantasmas,” save for the family trouble that Jax is now going through now that Gemma is in prison, is whether or not we are going to see if Jax can move SAMCRO even further away from the gun trade. Nero’s operation with the Byz Lats is certainly a way to do that, but given Nero’s recent situation, we don’t know how much he will be able to facilitate anything. That is a recipe for disaster and then some.

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Photo: FX

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