‘Chuck’ co-creator Chris Fedak returns to NBC with another prospective project

Big news -Is this news, shall we say it, awesome? We like to think so, since it marks an opportunity to see the official follow-up to “Chuck” from Chris Fedak, the co-creator and the man really responsible for running the series over the course of its five seasons.

This new project hails from the new Legendary TV win, which is certainly creating rather large expectations based solely on the name itself. As for the story, what we are looking at here is the tale of a four people who were suffering from illness, and receive what can be best described as life-changing organ donations. What they don’t realize until later, though, is that these organs came from the greatest hero in the world, and they all now have a sort of power that comes along with it. The premise alone sort of has that fun / ambitious feel to it that “Chuck” did so many years ago, but there are so many other little variables that come into play here: The casting, the writing, and the development of the story long-term. The beauty of Fedak’s previous series is that it was all about one unlikely hero, and four can be somewhat unwieldy.

What we do especially hope for if the show gets picked up is to see some of the “Chuck” cast make guest appearances from time to time, whether you’re looking at Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Vik Sahay, or even Yvonne Strahovski or Zachary Levi. Granted, some of the leads would have a harder time since you’d want to distance the new show somewhat from “Chuck.” Since we’re on the subject, is there still a chance for that movie that so many people wanted to see happen? Most of the cast has stayed close to the TV world, though they now have some other schedules; Baldwin is on TNT’s “The Last Ship,” Strahovski recently wrapped “Dexter,” and Gomez is coming off a one-off on “Castle” while Sahay appeared briefly on “The Mentalist” a little earlier on this season.

If you can really get anything out of this article, it’s that yes, we really loved “Chuck.” It remains one of our favorite shows ever, and we would love to see more of Fedak’s mind on the small screen. The biggest thing probably holding this back is that “Chuck” was never a big hit with the ratings, and this show would need to accumulate a much larger audience to survive in the end.

Photo: NBC

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