‘American Idol’ season 13: Jimmy Kimmel tries to troll Keith Urban over Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj

The logo -Jimmy Kimmel is many things on his late-night show, and persistent is one of them. While he may not yet be at the David Letterman level of getting under his guests’ skin, his interviews are at least starting to get close. Take, for instance, the interview below with Keith Urban, where he tries to spend a substantial amount of time trying to get Urban to answer one important question: Did the judges on “American Idol” last year really hate each other? He didn’t put it in these terms exactly, but come on.

In the video below, you can see Jimmy ask repeatedly to the country star as to whether or not he is having more fun this year with Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. than he did with that panel last year, which featured Randy Jackson along with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Keith mostly decided to say that the panel last year was simply different, mostly because the judges “didn’t hang out” while at work. That’s different this year.

So far, there are actually some reasons to be excited that the new producers are going in the right direction; the judges seem to like each other, and given that the focus is now supposedly on the contestants more than the personalities on the panel, you may get to know the people that you are voting for. (There are some other promises that the producers also said on the subject recently, and you can see them at the link here.)

The judges have already wrapped shooting many of the audition rounds, and the next major phase will come with filming Hollywood Week a little later on in the fall. This is the part of the competition where things start to get intense, the contestants get exhausted, and the judges have to make tough cuts and send talented people home. It’s also, in case you didn’t know, the part that we care the least about, since there are way too many people than we can ever hope to know.

Are you optimistic about the new season, or are you taking a more cautious approach (and understandably so)? Be sure to share below, and we’ll be back soon with some more scoop on the new season.

Photo: Fox

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