‘The X Factor’ UK week 3 song spoilers: Rough Copy, Tamera Foster’s movie week picks

The latest news -Saturday’s “The X Factor” UK episode is going to themed all around the cinema, and with that in mind, contestants will be taking on songs from many hit motion pictures. It’s a theme that has been done plenty of times before, and it tragically almost always includes a Whitney Houston song from “The Bodyguard.” Is that happening again this year? The good news here is that it doesn’t seem like it. The bad news? Most of these songs teeter the line between “uninspired” and just plain “boring.” Take a look below.

Abi Alton, “Moon River” – At least this is such a classic song that it’s hard to hate it. Plus, it is a million times more appropriate than her rendition of a Kylie Minogue hit last week that made no sense whatsoever from a performance point of view.

Hannah Barrett, “Skyfall” – This choice could not be better. Hannah sounds a little bit like Adele, and this song is both current and extremely well-known. With a theme like this, you really need to make sure that your song is known.

Kingsland Road, “Oh, Pretty Woman” – This will either be very entertaining, or a complete disaster. We’re hoping more for the former, given they were one of the only contestants willing to actually go uptempo in the midst of ballad city.

Luke Friend, “Kiss From a Rose” – A deceptively hard song. We’re already worried that Luke will struggle connecting to it, and the entire performance will feel strained.

Miss Dynamix, “Dreams” – Since the show isn’t giving us the name of the artist behind the song, we really have no idea just what the performance is.

Nicholas McDonald, “In the Arms of An Angel” – Horrible song choice from Louis Walsh. So predictable and uninspired, and we are wondering whether or not someone for Sarah McLachlan is trying to license this song off cheap to producers.

Rough Copy, “Everything I Do” – We’ve always felt that this song was a little bit corny, but these are the sort of guys that could really find a new dimension in it and make it something current. No problem here.

Sam Bailey, “My Heart Will Go On” – There are too many ballads here, but it is hard to really fault Sam for this once since it’s from one of the biggest movies of all time. Not only that, but it actually hasn’t been covered that many times on singing shows. The range is just too crazy.

Sam Callahan, “All I Want Is You” – Like with Miss Dynamix, there is simply not enough information here for us to be able to really gauge whether or not the song choice is right.

Tamera Foster, “Listen” – Last week, Tamera had a home run with a super-current song that we had never heard covered before. This week, she is picking the most over-done song ever that we have no interest in listening to. Fun fact: We had never heard “Listen” before it was on a singing show. Now, we’ve heard it about a billion times.

The act clearly in need of the most help this week is Miss Dynamix, as Sese Foster has been forced at times to come out and actually defend herself over something that she had no control over in being hospitalized. We’ll see how this weekend shakes down soon, and we will have our full rankings come tomorrow.

Photo: ITV

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