‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 3: Nan meets the boy next door

Nan is quickly becoming the favorite -We’re just going to put this out there: We love, love, love Jamie Brewer. When we first saw her on season one of “American Horror Story” she instantly became one of our favorite characters on the show, so when we didn’t see her in “Asylum” we were bummed to say the least. When we learned that she was going to be part of the cast of “Coven” we were beyond crazy excited and so far this season she has not disappointed us.

On this week’s episode of “American Horror Story Coven” we saw Nan take an interest in the new neighbor that moved in… a super cute guy with abs that go for miles. When we saw her go over with Madison we immediately thought that he was going to fall for Madison’s short, low cut dress and obvious advances, but we were pleasantly surprised instead to see him taking more of an interest in Nan and the cake she brought. Is there going to be a love story brewing here?

We saw Zoe reunite Kyle with his mother only to learn that she has been sexually abusing him for years and years which helps tie in the rape of Madison we saw at the beginning and why he reacted the way he did to it. Franken-Kyle finally spoke his first word tonight which was “no” as he beat his mother to death with a sports trophy.

Another interesting story this week involved Fiona and Madison as she realized that Madison’s powers were growing and that she was going to become the new Supreme. Fiona ended up killing Madison in the same way she killed the Supreme before her, because no one’s getting in the way of Fiona being the Supreme forever, but as we’ve learned already, not everyone stays dead on this show.

Outside of these stories we saw Delphine continue to be horrible, Cordelia get turned away for fertility help by Marie, and Queenie try to seduce Marie’s Minotaur man. Over all this was the best episode of the season we’ve seen so far and we hope that more of the Nan storyline will be included in upcoming episodes. Grade: B-

What did you think of this week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”? Do you like the possibility of Nan getting a love interest? Do you think that Madison is dead forever? If you are looking for more news, previews and spoilers about the show, just click here and let us be your source.

Photo: FX

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