‘Shark Tank’ preview: Elephant Chat tries to conquer communication; a Shell Bobbers update

Shark Tank -On tomorrow night’s “Shark Tank,” we can promise at least a few scares right before Halloween … and we’re not talking about anything that Kevin O’Leary does. Instead, there will be a Halloween-themed production business there seeking a partner, but the problem is that the price tag on their business is completely and utterly terrifying. Why get into a business that is only good a few weeks a year? This is a question that will probably make Kevin for sure run out of the room while holding his money close to his chest.

But what about the rest of the products shown off during the episode? Well, we’ve got a preview video below for one of them in Elephant Chat, which seems to be trying to solve the age-old question of what to do when there is a tough conversation that needs to be had between a pair of people. Conflict is inevitable, and there are thousands of books about it out there, but is a key really an stuffed elephant behind glass that you need to put in a room, and then bring out whenever you have a problem that needs to be addressed?

In a way, we get why the McKinney, Texas couple behind this thinks that it could work, since it has worked for them. However, the obvious issue here is that it’s almost all psychological, and you really have to buy into it in order for it to have any success. Nobody else is going to have the same sort of emotional attachment to a stuffed elephant that these two people do, since it is kind of “their thing.” When there is serious conflict, it’s a hard thing to ask people to keep their cool, go find the elephant, and then talk about it rationally. It’s a nice ideal, but we wonder overtime if the elephant is going to eventually be better used as a stuffed animal for your kid.

The business has a Kickstarter, which to us suggests that they are not going to be going into the tank with much in terms of proof of concept. While we’re not optimistic about their chances, we’ll at least be optimistic since we A) grew up in a nearby town and B) they at least seem to be trying to do something good.

If you want to see more about this episode, including an update on Shell Bobbers from last season (who are apparently doing well given that they have one of the “Duck Dynasty” guys in a photo with their product online), take a look at the synopsis below:

“One entrepreneur makes ‘Shark Tank’ history and accepts an unprecedented amount for a deal. Additional pitches include a marketing expert who believes there is big money to be made from the big scares in the Halloween live attractions she produces. Two men from Orem, Utah think their repair wrap will become an everyday household fix-it tool; a couple from McKinney, TX developed a product designed to help others communicate their feelings even when it’s tough; and two self-described mini-Sharks from Piscataway, NJ offer an alternative financial solution to help struggling businesses. Also, an update on Jeff Stafford & Dusty Holloway from Orlando, FL and Shell Bobbers, their fish bobbers made from shotgun shells, which Mark Cuban invested in during Season 4.”

Shell Bobbers has also undergone a name change, but we’ll wait until the episode airs for more on that since we don’t want to confuse.

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Photo: ABC

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