‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: Another ‘Firefly’ alum signs on as Sean Maher set to play Shrapnel

More scoop -Clearly, there are some fans of “Firefly” over in the “Arrow” writers’ room. Are they about to stage some sort of reunion between Simon and River Tam at some point? In addition to Summer Glau recurring this season as Isobel Rochev, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Sean Maher is now set to appear as the DC Comics villain Shrapnel.

In the comics, Shrapnel is a super-strong villain who is composed of metal, and possesses both superhuman strength and also comes with the sort of toughness that you would expect when you don’t have that pesky little thing known as skin to worry about. He is not the most well-known villain to ever appear in the comics, but that is something that can be expanded upon easily thanks to the show’s ability to continue to morph and change things up a little bit.

Given that the “Arrow” universe is light on superpowers (Though they will be adding them later on), it is possible that the version of Shrapnel is much more grounded? What we at least know about his story is that his alter ego of Mark Scheffer will be a serial bomber who ends up trying to threaten the life of Alderman Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), one of the people out to “save” Starling City by taking Oliver Queen and his entire family down a notch. (In other words, he is an opportunist through and through.) It should mark a pretty exciting edition to the show, or at least someone with the capability of putting the Arrow through the wringer starting with his first appearance in episode 10.

Now, we have to secretly hope for the castings of Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, or Alan Tudyk as other potential characters in this world. Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion may be a little bit of a harder get, given the fact that they all have their own shows and all.

On tonight’s “Arrow” season 2 episode, you are going to have the opportunity to see Oliver face off against another potentially-deadly foe in the Dollmaker. Want to read some more news on that? Then just be sure to head on over here to watch a video.

Photo: The CW

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