‘White Collar’ season 5 spoilers: Will Tim DeKay’s Peter still be out in the field?

What's next? -For those of you worried about whether or not you are going to see more of Tim DeKay on the fifth season of “White Collar,” don’t be. Not only is the character still going to be a part of the show when you consider that he’s not sitting from the inside of a jail cell, but he is still going to find some opportunities to go out in the field even with his cushy position in mind.

Speaking to TVLine, Tim DeKay confirms that there are going to be some substantial opportunities coming up in the future for us to see his character out in the elements, even if he has some new responsibilities to go along with it. Meanwhile, he also said that the new handler played by Warren Cole this week is going to experience something that we’re not quite sure that a handler really would want to experience. The basic translation that we have for this? He’s looking at having a pretty rough time.

The best thing about the news being handed down from DeKay here is that it really suggests that we are looking at a best of both worlds sort of situation. Not only are we going to be seeing a little bit more of the vintage “White Collar” that we have come to love over the years, but that there will still be something new to shake things up. When you are in your fifth season, this is something that you have to rely on pretty heavily to stir the pot and try to keep things fresh. There are several more episodes this fall where you will get a chance to see a little bit more of the changes in the “White Collar” universe, and then the story will be back to wrap things up a little bit in the new year.

Are you excited about this news, and what do you want to see from Peter this season? Be sure to share below! Meanwhile, take a look at the link here if you want to see whether or not the stories of Matt Bomer being rumored for the role of Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” has helped the series.

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