‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 5 review: Tony flashes back, still misses Cote de Pablo’s Ziva

More news -Can we make a new “NCIS” spin-off that is mostly about Abby and Delilah being passive-aggressive towards each other? If we were able to do that, then we imagine that we would have something with at least some more guaranteed ratings that the upcoming “NCIS: New Orleans” spin-off show.

Okay, so we seriously don’t want to see Abby away from the team, but this partnership between the two characters ended up being one of the two best parts of tonight’s episode “Once a Crook.” The other part? This was an hour that reminded us about the greatness that is Tony DiNozzo, which the show needed to do given that it has not given him very much to do ever since Cote de Pablo first left the show. Seeing so many flashbacks to his early days in Baltimore was a fun way to add a little bit more dimension to the character, and show off a little bit more of who he is.

One major component of who he is right now is simply that of a man who misses Ziva. While it may be difficult to reference the character multiple times in one episode, the scene where Tony breaks down over her being gone was critical to the show. It proved that she was not forgotten, and that the show is not going to just act like she was never there. For those of you hoping for her to return someday, even for just an episode, this is a good sign. If there was no hope of her returning, the character would be buried. Plus, Tony coming to terms about the fact he missed Ziva helped him to bond with the team in the present.

Overall, “Once a Crook” was a mystery that was both funny and emotional at the same time, and probably the best installment since the second one this season. While it wasn’t perfect (some of the actual case work was a tad boring), it was at least a nice showcase of Michael Weatherly’s talent, and a good usage of the Delilah character to stir things up a little bit more with McGee and the office. Now we just hope that the writers continue to do some more character studies to show us more of the characters that we already have. Grade: B.

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