‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: How Colin O’Donoghue, Josh Dallas work together

Captain Swan -When you first heard the news about Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” episode being one that was going to contain a very important kiss between Emma and Captain Hook, you probably thought that this episode was going to be all about these two characters, right? Well, not exactly. Instead, what we could really be expecting this weekend is a story that revolves quite a bit around Colin O’Donoghue working with Josh Dallas’ Prince Charming in an effort to save his life. Not a lot has been revealed about his near-death situation, and while we expect him to pull through, it’s still pretty dire.

This episode Sunday is entitled “Good Form,” and the synopsis below not only lets us know a little bit more about the new journey that Hook and Charming go on, but also a story from his past many years ago that could prove valuable when it comes to helping out the Prince in the present. Take a look at the full synopsis below:

“With the deadly Dreamshade coursing through David’s body and close to death, Hook takes him on one last journey to find a sextant that could help them decipher a map that would lead them off Neverland. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Killian Jones – aka Hook – and his brother, Captain Liam, sail off under orders of the King to find a powerful indigenous plant on an uncharted land that could help heal any injury.”

We’re looking forward to see some more of “Killian Jones,” mostly because we are so curious as to who this guy really was before he ended up becoming the famed pirate. There had to be something that turned him into this devious man, correct? You also have to remember here that for a while, at least until he lost his hand, there was nothing about this guy that really made him particularly evil. The wickedness seemed to come significantly later in life.

Just in case you are so obsessed with “Once Upon a Time” and that kiss, you can check out the promo for it over at the link here. For the next few days, we’ll at least try to focus on the story that get us to that moment many fans have been waiting for.

Photo: ABC

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