‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Official Adam Lambert details for ‘A Katy Or a Gaga’

Take a look -Want to see some of the Adam Lambert – “Glee” rumors come to an end? Well, that is what this article is really all about: Some of the first details on “A Katy Or a Gaga” straight from Fox. There’s no more guessing or assuming, instead what we have here are simply facts.

The first thing to note is that this episode is going to feature both the New York and McKinley High storylines in prominence, and will also have an array of popular songs from both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. While you can see Adam’s name listed as Starchild below, his actual character name is none other than Elliot Gilbert. Does anyone else feel a little bit of a Superman – Clark Kent vibe going on here?

Take a look at the synopsis below:

“The members of New Directions tackle their assignment of getting out of their comfort zones and determining whether they’re more like ‘Katy’ (Perry) or (Lady) ‘Gaga.’ Kurt holds auditions for his new band and must decide if he’ll let in the overly bold performer, Starchild (guest star Adam Lambert). Meanwhile, Jake gets closer to Bree (Erinn Westbrook) as he and Marley grow apart.”

In case you are curious, there is also going to be another guest appearance turned in here from Phoebe Strole as Penny Owen, the school nurse doubling as Sam’s love interest.

Personally, we’re stoked to see Adam and to also see Demi Lovato back. Do we really love the premise of the actual episode? Not for McKinley at least, since it feels silly to constantly put two current singers against each other when the majority of the internet already does that. Who knows? Maybe we’re getting a message here about peace and cooperation in the end. We certainly hope so. The New York story, meanwhile, we’re not so worried about it. It should just be a nice breath of fresh air and happiness following the Cory Monteith tribute, which hardly ended on much of a joyous note at all.

What do you think about the idea for this episode, and what do you want to see happen? Be sure to share below, and click here to see who Sam is going to surprisingly be working with next.

Photo: Twitter / Lea Michele

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