‘American Horror Story: Coven’ preview: Finding the top five character flaws

Farmiga -With “American Horror Story: Coven” returning to FX tomorrow night with another new episode, now feels the perfect time to ask the question: What in the world is going on with some of these characters? There are elements of the show that are done very well, whether it be the performances, the visual style, and of course Kathy Bates; we hate the character’s guts, but we are supposed to and we love her for it.

The issues that we’ve outlined below are more along the lines of trying to figure out what the flaws are for each one of the five folks listed below, and when you consider that one of them is the main character and has a ton of screen time, you can figure out just why we have not been that kind to the show in our reviews.

5. Fiona – Why does she really want to be young forever? We have yet to be given the impression that her life is really all that amazing as she drinks herself into oblivion, is lonely, and her own daughter hates her. None of this screams “I’ve got many reasons to live forever!” We don’t quite know that she has any reason at all.

4. Spalding – What’s your endgame? We realize that this is not so much a flaw with him, but just something that we have not quite seen much of yet. Despite Denis O’Hare being a series regular, this character has made barely more than just a quiet appearance on the show so far.

3. Queenie – One of our favorite characters, mostly because the “human voodoo” twist is so cool and something completely unexpected. (It’s much more interesting than the whole “I’m going to kill you with my you-know-what” thing that Zoe has going on.) But in her backstory, did they really have to make her a fast food worker? Also, she clearly knew that she had powers, so why risk it over a customer being a jerk?

2. Madison – How could she go from being raped to suddenly making jokes about the male anatomy in a morgue full of the people who did this to her? We understand that she is not exactly the reincarnation here of a saint, but her personality does not always make a great deal of sense. You also cannot blame this on just being impulsive, based on the fact that she was there for a long time. If she’s going to be cold-hearted and have nothing affect her then commit to that.

1. Zoe – This is the big one. Taissa Farmiga is doing a good job with the writing that has been given to her, but this character is impossible to root for since she’s someone who really doesn’t know what she wants or even who she is. She’s so sensitive that she wants to revive a guy in Kyle that she barely knows, and yet, she is hardened enough that she is going to go and basically rape a guy in the hospital to kill him after giving away her virginity just a few weeks before? Two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right, and we wonder how someone can be so emotional at one point and so emotionless at others.

What are some of the issues that you have right now with some of the characters? Share below, and click here if you are interested in checking out our full preview of Wednesday night’s new “American Horror Story: Coven” episode.

Photo: FX

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