MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3 spoilers: Is trouble brewing for Tamara and Jake?

The latest -With “Awkward” season 3 premiering tomorrow night on MTV, now seems like the best time to ask what is a pressing question with almost every season of the show: Is one of our favorite couples heading for splitsville? If you’ve been reading the news as of late, then you are well aware already of the fact that Jenna and Matty have taken a one-way ticket to this place courtesy of her cheating on him with the ever-so-“artistic” Collin.

But what about Tamara and Jake? They may not be the primary couple featured on the show, but they were pretty lovey-dovey throughout the first half of season 3. Speaking to HollywoodLife, the woman behind the role in Jillian Rose Reed had the following to say:

“Yes, Tamara and Jake hit a rough patch. I can’t say whether or not it sticks, but Jake isn’t thrilled that she knows about Jenna cheating and doesn’t say anything.”

This is going to be a bad time for Jenna, but it’s not going to be the only bad time that she goes through. After all, Reed explained to the publication that what happens with Jenna and Matty is going to leave her very hurt, as her one-time best friend starts to isolate herself in a little hole of self-pity and hipster angst (expect lots of narration):

“It gets real. And it’s really hard for Tamara. She still has to be Jenna’s best friend through all of her mistakes, while also being friends with Matty, who’s the victim.”

The thing that you do actually have to remember here is that this is still a comedy, and there will be reasons to laugh. After all, there is the story regarding Ming running the Asian Mafia; this entire story is completely ridiculous and also presents Asians teenagers as almost military, but it’s something that the show continues to mine for material. It’s also so blatantly satiric that it’s hard to really feel offended by any of it.

We’re going to have a full review of “Awkward” tomorrow night after the episode airs, and for more news click here. That’s where we are going to have a new video featuring all sorts of highlights related to the show.

Photo: MTV

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