‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie: ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ Jamie Dornan reportedly tests for role

The latest -Is Sheriff Graham really about to become Christian Grey? While it may still be a little too early to tell, the actor famous for playing the part briefly on “Once Upon a Time” is now another step closer to landing the “Fifty Shades of Grey” role vacated by another TV star in Charlie Hunnam.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie Dornan did a screen test on Friday for the movie alongside his potential co-star Dakota Johnson (formerly of “Ben & Kate”) and also director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Also reading for the role was 28-year old Tony-nominated actor Sam Magnussen, who curiously enough has replaced a popular actor before in Jake Gyllenhaal for “Into the Woods.”

A decision on the winner of the role is expected to take place very soon, given that there only is so much time before production is slated to start. Whoever does land this role is likely going to be an instant star, and we have to hope that they are prepared for it. The sudden fame that Hunnam received upon getting the part is one of the many reasons why he reportedly dropped out, as paparazzi were bombarding the “Sons of Anarchy” set and women were sending underwear and other ridiculous items to his house.

One thing that we would definitely imagine being difficult is Dornan making many more “Once Upon a Time” appearances in the new season if he ends up landing the role. While there may not be too great of a reason to him to appear in the first place given that Graham is dead, he still could have showed up at some point during flashbacks. This movie is expected to come out late next summer, which means that it would be in theaters prior to the start of the fall TV season. While we expect it to make a ton of money, we don’t think that it would be on the same level as some other blockbusters receiving less publicity.

Stay tuned, as we will have some more news soon about if Dornan lands the part.

Photo: ABC

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