‘Homeland’ season 3 reaction: Showrunner on Claire Danes shocker, Damian Lewis’ role

The latest -What in the [bleep] just happened? If you are like us, then you are probably asking that same question when it comes to last night’s all-new episode of “Homeland.” “Game On” may be one of the most-literal episode titles in human history, since this is the hour that will really propel the story forward for the rest of the season, even if it is not the way that you want.

Obviously, the big question at the end of this episode was as follows: When exactly did Carrie and Saul come up with this plan to act as though they were at odds, and that she was losing her mind? According to executive producer Alex Gansa and his comments to TV Guide, this may have all been a part of the plan since the very beginning:

“I think they decided [to go through with the plan the] very next day after the bomb went off. Carrie and Saul were culpable in what happened, and they were looking for some way to make good, to make it right, to get the guy who was ultimately responsible. They began to hatch the plan right then to figure out how to lure the bad guy of the season, Javadi, out of his anonymity in Iran.”

We could go through here and try to pinpoint every little issue here, but the major one seems to be why in the world Carrie would act out emotionally, and in private, to the Senate hearing when she knew that Saul was going to out her. The obvious explanation is that it’s a little different making up a plan and actually seeing it executed on some sort of emotional level, but there are only a certain percentage of people who are going to believe it.

As for the story with Damian Lewis (who was again absent this episode), Gansa explained that thanks to the Javadi operation actually being in Venezuela, there is still a major role that Damian Lewis has to play in the story:

“I can’t say anything except to tell you that Brody is a very big part of the architecture of the rest of the season. If I tease it any more than that, I think it will spoil it for people. … We look at the season this year in three movements. The end of the fourth episode is the end of the first movement of the season. One of the pleasures of watching this season unfold is I hope we’ve caught you by surprise. I have not read anybody calling this at all.”

You can read our full review of the controversial episode over at the link here. Be sure to stay tuned, as we’re going to have more scoop throughout the week.

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