‘Bones’ season 9, episode 6 preview: What song does Brennan walk down the aisle to at wedding?

The latest -Monday’s episode of “Bones” is going to be more than just a wedding; for fans, it’s the culmination of nine years of buildup. Remember the days a few years ago when we wondered whether or not this couple was ever going to actually get together before the series finale? Well, it’s happened, and we are getting the opportunity to celebrate what is hopefully going to be a big day for longtime fans.

So what song is Brennan going to use as she walks down the aisle? Since she is no ordinary bride, you really cannot be too particularly shocked to learn that she is not going to be relying on any sort of ordinary music. Instead, she chooses to walk down the aisle to the tune of “Amazing Grace.” The way that the show handles the walk at least in the sneak peek below is a nice little change from most TV shows in that rather than just giving you the walk down the aisle from the front, they are instead giving it to you almost from Brennan’s point of view, as you see Booth waiting for her at the outdoor altar.

In many ways, this episode is also going to mark another ending for “Bones” in that it is the last one to air on Monday. After this, the World Series is going to start, and then the show will prepare to move to Friday nights. From this point on, there are two episodes in particular that we know are coming up.

1. “The Dude in the Dam” – An episode that was actually left over from last year, and is going to be a standalone hour. Expect no wedding rings, unless they are added in after the fact.

2. One themed around the honeymoon, and remember: For whatever reason, Booth and Brennan cannot seem to have a break even when they are supposed to be off somewhere celebrating their love.

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Photo: Fox

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