‘True Blood’ season 7: Carrie Preston, Ryan Kwanten among 5 deserving of proper endings

What's up ahead? -Ultimately, we get it when it comes to a show like “True Blood” that you can’t exactly have everyone running around and smiling for the entirety of its run. It’s just not realistic or interesting that way. You need to have drama, and you need to have terrible things happen to many of the characters for much of the time, but does it really have to end this way?

Our focus for this article is actually highlighting the five characters and the actors who play them who are the most deserving of some sort of proper closure and a happy ending by the time the credits roll. We’re speaking here mostly for some of the supporting stars, mostly because you are likely fair to assume that Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, and Eric Northman are going to get the attention that they need. These are the people we want to see have their own moments.

Arlene (Carrie Preston) – Let’s see here: Arlene was married to a psychotic man who was later killed, and then she was married to a sweet man with a troubled past who was killed. Isn’t it time that Arlene met a nice man who was not killed? It would, after all, start to change things up for her a little bit.

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) – The biggest surprise to us about Jason is that this is a guy who has at times been raped, tortured, and left for dead, but he somehow still hasn’t been forced into some sort of complex about intimacy. How did that happen? But he has basically been punished the entire series at this point for being nothing more than a lazy Lothario; it’s time for a win.

Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) – Basically, Lafayette’s story has been difficult ever since Jesus has been killed, and to make a pretty terrible pun out of this whole ordeal, we like to think that it is time for him to have a different savior enter his life. Even if he’s not given a new love interest, maybe just allow him to have some sort of stability for a change.

Sam (Sam Trammell) – We didn’t really care for the story with Nicole, mostly because she didn’t really mean anything to us. However, that is still probably where Sam’s endgame is going to end up. For this last season, we just want to see him involved in the thick of the action, and not just sent off somewhere else with a subplot.

Tara – Finally, we turn to Sookie’s longtime best friend. Pam is probably the endgame for her at this point, but if they are going to get together, don’t let it be just in the series finale. Don’t we deserve at least a little bit of time to see this build and enjoy their happiness?

Is there anyone on “True Blood” that you believe is worthy of getting some sort of proper ending? Be sure to share below! Meanwhile, you can also click here if you want to take a look at whether or not Alexander Skarsgard can really get by doing both this show and “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the end.

Photo: HBO

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