‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 5 video: How Alan messes up his latest relationship

It begins -Alan Harper can never seem to leave well enough alone, even when “well enough” just so happens to be a relationship that he seems to feel is the perfect one. He gets to be with Lyndsey on a physical level, but doesn’t have to deal with any of the responsibilities. Based on what we’ve come to learn about Jon Cryer’s character over the years, shouldn’t this be heaven to him? Traditionally, what we see from him is that he complains constantly on “Two and a Half Men” about having to be the guy to take care of all of the domestic issues, but not getting any of the physical rewards.

So now, for whatever reason, he is going to take it upon himself for Thursday night’s new episode to try and figure out just what Lyndsey’s actual man has over him in order to try and combat whatever sorts of insecurities that he has. This leads him to visit a certain class that he is teaching, which is where we learn that this guy really does have everything that Alan does not have; not only is he strong and in great shape, but he seems to be kind and supportive.

So what we are trying to get at here is that Lyndsey is completely out of her mind for being into someone who not only is a leech, but an insecure one at that. We hope that this show, whenever it does choose to end (and it could be this year, given the ratings), does at least get some sort of proper conclusion when it comes to this character. Maybe Alan finally grows up and finds a place of his own with a woman. Maybe Walden also gets himself into a relationship, and maybe Jake Harper actually turns up again to meet his new cousin Jenny. Or, maybe none of this happens and we’re being pretty silly for thinking that this show should ever have any sort of closure in the first place.

The basic way that he sums things up here is as follows: This show is ridiculous and silly. Therefore, they will continue to do ridiculous and silly things until someone tells them otherwise.

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Photo: CBS

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