‘Dancing with the Stars’ week 6 rankings: Elizabeth Berkley, Corbin Bleu take on Amber Riley

Meet Elizabeth -For the first time all season last week, our “Dancing with the Stars” rankings were off when it came to the person in last going home. We had Bill Engvall in that position, but instead we had Christina Milian and Mark “Julianne Hough hates me” Ballas leaving in the first shocker of the season. This proves yet again that players need their fans voting, and that this matters more at this point than any scores you get so long as you’re not drawing abysmal scores every week. With the competition tight, there’s almost nothing else you can judge these contestants by.

Therefore, we’re emphasizing fan base on this weekend’s weekly rankings above all else. If you are struggling here and there, it’s going to stand out more when the rest of the field is this good.

8. Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani (last week: 8) – Leah is coming off of her worst performance on the show, and we’ve always wondered just how big of a voting block that she really has. If you combine these two things together, it spells trouble for the “King of Queens” star getting dismissed from the ballroom kingdom.

7. Bill Engvall and Emma Slater (9) – Is he surprising everyone by still being in the competition? Someone needs to fire Bill’s trademark “here’s your sign” line at him after asking that question. He’s not an amazing dancer, but he’s finding a way to get by on being at least competent and good-natured. There’s no chance that he wins, but he has become in some ways a slightly better version of Carson Kressley, at least in dancing (though Carson will always be our favorite entertainer).

6. Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd (7) – We like Brant a lot as a person, and he seems like one of the people we’d most likely want to hang out with, but he’s inconsistent as a dancer and that is a cause for concern on this show. One week he’s amazing, the next he’s okay, and he has a small fanbase compared to some of the others. Eventually, this will be a problem for him, and we predict another “in jeopardy” moment Monday.

5. Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke (4) – Jack’s almost always good, but when is he going to be great? At the moment, he is tracking for a finish in almost the place that he is right now on our list. He needs a breakout dance, something that people will want to search for after he performs it. He’s certainly got the ability to do it, and the pressure in that way now falls on Cheryl to choreograph it.

4. Snooki and Sasha Farber (3) – It’s not a surprise to us that Snooki is a good dancer; what has been a surprise though is that she has never really appeared to be in that much danger despite the whole “I want to distance myself from what actually made me famous” thing. We just can’t bring ourselves to calling her Nicole Polizzi as she’ll always be Snooki to us, and that’s not a bad thing.

3. Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy (6) – A lesson to all future participants: The key to our heart and votes is to celebrate your past on a beloved show. Elizabeth being game to reprise an iconic “Saved by the Bell” scene earned her so many points in our book, and we’re now firmly on her side after questioning all season how many fans she really has. Easily, she is worthy of the biggest increase this week.

2. Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff (2) – Yet, here we are again. Corbin and Karina are the best two in the competition in terms of dancing, but the issue he runs into is somewhat similar to what Zendaya faced. He is almost so good that there is nothing that gives you an incentive to vote for him every week. Fans get complacent. We do think he’s a lock for the finale, but against a more famous star he will have a challenge.

1. Amber Riley and Derek Hough (1) – And ultimately, we still are not shifting from our pre-show pick at all. Even though she is not always the top scorer, there is no reason for us to question whether or not Amber is talented enough or has the following to win this. Her biggest threat right now may actually be Jack if he gets the ball rolling; we don’t see any of the other people in the top five as dancers who are going to bring in more votes.

As always, we want to hear who your favorite “Dancing with the Stars” contestant is in the poll below!

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