Does The CW have a hit in ‘Reign,’ or is this ‘Beauty and the Beast’ all over again?

Reign -Last year, The CW had a show in “Beauty and the Beast” that they were clearly proud of, and wanted to do its best to promote it. Therefore, they gave it what is in many ways their top timeslot immediately following “The Vampire Diaries,” and tried to let it grow into something. It got off to a decent start, but then struggled more at the end of the season, despite being a fun show.

Now that it has been moved to Mondays, “Beauty and the Beast” is really struggling in a big way, and right now is the only series (airing Monday-Thursday) likely to be canceled, though that could change as the season progresses. For whatever reason, the lack of the lead-in (or maybe also the increased competition on Mondays) has really hurt Kristin Kreuk and company. It still has loyal, passionate fans, but they may not be enough to survive.

As of right now, we see “Reign” in a similar situation to “Beauty and the Beast” last year based on its premiere rating of 0.8. It’s a solid number, much in the same way that the previous show started. But can that number last? “Beauty and the Beast” started slow, but got better and better as season 1 progressed. “Reign” had a lot going for it right out of the gate, but it also had some issues. The writing was at times cheesy, for example, and while the historical liberties may not bother young fans, they may bother others. (We don’t know why they did not just make it completely fictional, since we don’t really think that the real-life characters are that much of a sell.)

The first big test for “Reign” is going to come on Thursday, when we see how many viewers of the pilot stay for episode 2. If it keeps the entire rating, we could have a possible player on our hands for the network. However, if it drops a couple of points in the demo, it could be trouble. Remember that The CW has other shows for midseason, and they’re much more likely to pull a struggling freshman series than one that is already established and has fans.

What do you think about the “Reign” vs. “Beauty and the Beast” comparison right now, and which one do you think is more likely to be on the network’s schedule next season? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

Photo: The CW

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