‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 6 video: Barney and Robin as … Marshall and Lily?

Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie SmuldersSometimes, couples will do some pretty crazy things in an effort to get the wedding that they have been dreaming of, and you are going to see some of that and then some on this upcoming “How I Met Your Mother” season 9 episode. Basically, the entire premise of it is as follows: Barney and Robin, in an effort to get the pastor that they want for the big event, decide that they are going to do something so ballsy as liying to the man’s face about pretty much everything about them.

Let’s start here, first of all, with what we like to consider a cold slice of reality. We would be idiots to sit here and act like this is something particularly shocking. A ton of couples out there do this to look more innocent and pure, since you don’t want the priest to see you as some sort of a heathen and then decide not to officiate your wedding, but the real difference here between these two and most other couples is, that Barney and Robin are making up the entire story of how they met, and replacing their origin story with Marshall and Lily’s.

Obviously, Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan have a much cuter story of how they met, but here’s the problem: Lily is proud of this in the same way that many children are proud of a drawing they stick on the refrigerator at home. Once she figures out just what these two have done, do you really think that there is any way in the world that she is actually going to let this go … even for a second? Here’s a hint: She is not going to. Instead, it will drive her up the wall, and therefore, it will pose a problem for our lovebirds. But if this doesn’t work out, who else can they hire, and shouldn’t these two have figured out who they were going to have marrying them before now?

There are still some other crazy stories to come on “How I Met Your Mother” on the Barney / Robin side, even without it directly involving the wedding. For example, James Van Der Beek is going to return as Robin’s ex Simon, and we are hoping to the utmost of our mind-control abilities (which is about nil) that this means we will get one final chapter in the Robin Sparkles saga before the end.

Photo: CBS

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