‘Glee’ season 5 notes: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and more on the show ending

Kurt -There is little doubt at this point that we are in the middle of a pretty crazy week when it comes to “Glee.” Even though there is not a new episode airing until November 7, and we are more than a week removed now from the Cory Monteith tribute episode, the news breaking that the show for sure will end after season 6 has caused the media to all chime in with their thoughts. Is it really the right time for the music to stop? From our mindset, it is. Honestly, the show could have ended after three and still had a hopeful ending. At least in doing six, you are stopping early enough so that you don’t cause people to really feel like you’ve driven the nail too deep. Heck, some people are already of the belief that it is time to “stop believin’,” as the ratings (save for the tribute) have been down so far this year.

This mindset is reflecting by what a source close to the cast told HollywoodLife recently about why the stars feel like this is the best time to say goodbye:

“They don’t want to overstay their welcome and make the show impossible to watch. But with that, Fox makes tons of money off the show with the music and would love to have it go longer but they are happy they have them till the end of season six as they thought they would prematurely have to end the show after Cory’s death. So everyone seems to be winning.”

We do slightly dispute the claim that Fox makes a ton of money with the show now. The actors make more then they did when the show first started, this is not a cheap show to produce, and even with music sales, the ratings here are on the lower end of their hour-long shows. It’s ending at the right time for all parties involved.

This same source claims that Lea Michele is looking to have a career in movies after the show ends, and this end date gives her a chance to do that; she also has an album coming out. Meanwhile, Chris Colfer has quite a second career going as a novelist. The news was recently confirmed that his series The Land of Stories will have both a third and fourth edition coming out soon, which once again proves that Chris is a million times more productive than practically anyone else in the business. We don’t know how he does it.

If you want to see something very appealing in all of the just-released “Glee” cast photos, including a shot of Rachel’s new look, be sure to click here. As we said, we’ll have more news soon leading to the show coming back on the air.

Photo: Fox

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