‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 3 video: Jared Padalecki’s Sam and the jogging crisis

Sam -Is Ezekiel still making his presence felt on “Supernatural” season 9? Definitely, and not only that, but he is also turning Sam Winchester into the sort of guy that we never really saw before.

One of the great things about the show is that when it does find a way to surprise us, it is typically not thanks to an ability to have people getting their heads ripped off or turned into demons or some other monster-like character. Instead, it is seeing them take part in more human activities. Hearing Sam 2.0 (as we like to call him right now) talking about getting up, jogging, and then fetching Dean a freshly-made breakfast is pretty endearing. Then, hearing Ezekiel interrupt Sam mid-speech from inside his own body with a progress report on the real Sam’s improvement turns the scene from funny to somewhat creepy.

The thing that we have to point out here, once again, is how great Jared Padalecki is doing with this role so far. Basically, he’s playing two different characters, and having to switch between them in-scene is extremely difficult, especially without looking rather silly at the same time. Jared is pulling this off with ease, and he’s had some fantastic material really ever since the end of the season with the conclusion of the trials. Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles is getting to do some great stuff, as well (even if he is not playing multiple characters at the same time). His major goal as an actor is really still coming across as Dean to Sam, when in reality he is keeping this pretty significant secret about what has transpired to him that Sam or any other rational human being would of course want to know, if he detected a problem.

Eventually, this charade is going to stop working, and when it does, Dean has a huge and potentially life-threatening problem for his brother; but for now, he continues to find a way to work it out and keep Sam loving life.

This is the second straight day of something great concerning Jared; yesterday, he tweeted out what amounts to an epic midseason finale tease that should have you guessing as to what Jeremy Carver and company have planned for fans.

Photo: The CW

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